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Do you like trivia and fun facts?
Have you lost hours to internet rabbit holes?
Do you ever wonder about the history of everyday things in your world?

The Story Behind is the show for you!

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Oct 16, 2016

About the show

The Story Behind™ focuses on the extraordinary history of the ordinary. Each episode is usually less than 10 minutes long and explores the origins and evolution of an item, person or idea you may know today. The stories are told as accurately as possible, sourced from books and articles about that particular topic. There's a story behind everything, and once you learn that story, you just may appreciate your world a bit more.

About the host

Emily Prokop holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and has worked in newspapers, magazines, and publishing, and has always loved trivia, fun facts and useless knowledge. In 2015, she and her friend James decided to use their penchant for collecting trivia by hosting the Classy Little Podcast. When that show ended a year later, the trivia started building up in her brain again, not to mention countless time spent falling down Google rabbit holes. With that, plus a lot of coaxing from Nick from the Epic Film Guys podcast, she got behind the mic again and The Story Behind was born.




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