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The Story Behind tells the extraordinary history of the ordinary. Everyday objects are more closely examined, from their ancient beginnings through the present—all within 5-10 minutes.

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Nov 13, 2016

Welcome to a special episode of The Story Behind. There will still be two regular episodes this week, but following the 2016 election results, I wanted to do a special episode on The Story Behind the Electoral College.

Many are wondering why do Electoral Votes matter and what do they mean; why, if Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, did she not win the presidency; and just what does the Electoral College really do?

In this episode, we’ll discuss how this institution came to be, the impact of its decisions, and why some people are still saying Hillary Clinton could win the presidency.

I’m your host, Emily Prokop, and this is The Story Behind the Electoral College.

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Jarrod Taylor
seven and a half years ago

Great episode. Personally, I have been of modifying the electoral college by using the congressional district that Nebraska and Maine currently use. It keeps the small states important but reflects the popular vote.