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Sep 4, 2017

Welcome to The Story Behind: Clue Series. In every episode of this series, we talk about the history of one of the original weapons used in the game, “Clue.” This series may not be appropriate for all ages and listener discretion is advised. 

I had to save the knife for last in this series because there’s just so much information about them, and I’m only able to barely touch the surface of the full story behind this particular weapon. I can say, however, that the other weapons in this series like the revolver and the rope are actually better choices when it comes to MURDER (lighting). But, for the sake of suspension of disbelief in playing the game and watching the movie Clue, let’s ignore the fact that if you’re stabbed you have a 96 percent chance of survival, shall we?

I’m your host, Emily Prokop, and this is The Story Behind The Knife.

The Clue Series Butler you heard at the beginning of the episode was played by Paul from Rick and Paul Heal the World.

The role of Galvarino was played by Stephen Jondrew from

Mrs. Peacock imitations provided by CeCe from Sincerely Yours and Amy from Ladies Love Paul Rudd

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