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Aug 31, 2017

In 1966, the Beatles played their friend Klaus Voorman their song “Tomorrow Never Knows” while Voorman went to work sketching what would become the cover to the band’s next album, which I referenced in The Story Behind Imagine (by John Lennon). This album contained the songs “Taxman,” “Eleanor Rigby,” and “Good Day, Sunshine,” and was almost called After Geography. This suggestion was Ringo Starr’s idea of a pun based on the Rolling Stones releasing Aftermath. Get it? After-geography? After-math? Like a high school schedule.

Luckily, the band went with a very to-the-point title that referenced what the record, itself, does when being played. But that’s neither Here, There or Everywhere when it comes to the game and movie Clue. We’re here to talk about the weapon used for MURDER.

I’m your host, Emily Prokop, and this is The Story Behind The Revolver.

The Clue Series Butler you heard at the beginning of the episode was played by Paul from Rick and Paul Heal the World.

Professor Plum imitations provided by Amy from Ladies Love Paul Rudd. If you’d like to add your voice to the podcast, join The Story Behind Discussion Group on Facebook to be notified when I’m looking for guest voices for the show.

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