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Do you like trivia and fun facts?
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Nov 17, 2016

As basic as the need for warmth and being covered is, fashion has taken a basic need to a completely different level at times. You could pick up any yearbook from the 1980s as proof of that. But sometimes the most simple articles of clothing create the biggest impact. Look at what James Dean accomplished with just a white T-shirt or the everlasting impact of Jackie Onassis’ large sunglasses, or even being able to look at the backside of Bruce Springsteen in his iconic jeans and know exactly who it is.

In this episode, we’re sticking with the basics and, as I’m from New England, you can’t get much more basic than a sweatshirt this time of year. The warm and casual look has been tried and true and, even though what prompted this episode was a seeing a cropped version of this fashion that I still don’t quite understand. I’m your host, Emily Prokop, and this is The Story Behind Hoodies.

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